Approximately 600 permanent residents. There is a healthy mix of the more common races – Human, Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Half-Orc.


A ruling council of 3 members run Fallcrest.

  • Arden Quickfinger is captain of the guard and helps draft laws and keeps order in Fallcrest.
  • Alain Moore regulates trade and handles most matters outside of Fallcrest’s borders.
  • Kailee Longbraid settles minor disputes and helps foster communication between the different races in Fallcrest. Most non-justice matters within Fallcrest are dealt by her.


As a trading town/outpost, Fallcrest has a bustling local trade community. A healthy mining organization has also sprung up in the mountains about a mile north of Fallcrest. Most of the town’s food comes from the farms just outside of the east gate.


Fallcrest sits at the southern foot of the Norden Mountains that stretch east and west. There are small patches of forest to the east and southeast that can support small game. The remainder of the area to the east is low, flat land, with a couple small routes that head to more civilized land to the southeast.

The land to the immediate west of Fallcrest is wild and abandoned. Scouts and adventurers have returned with stories of unearthly glowing ponds, kobolds as big as an ogre, and spirits roaming the plains. About 5 years ago, an enterprising young cartographer attempted to map the area. He never returned, although his gear was discovered in a dire rat warren about 30 miles from Fallcrest. With it was the only known map of the region.

Places of Interest

  • The Stuck Pig – The largest watering hole in the town. A popular place to grab a meal or just chat up your neighbor.
  • The Brass Lantern – The largest inn. Also serves food and drink at all hours.
  • Binwyn’s Arms and Armor – The only blacksmith in town. Has a modest stock of most types of weapons and armor, but can also take special requests.
  • Greymalkin’s Tinctures – Greymalkin has a wide array of potions, magical trinkets and ritual scrolls for the well-off adventurer.
  • Everburning Torches and Things – Alain’s shop is the biggest general store in town. In addition to farming/mining implements, he also has things for a would-be adventurer. Ropes, torches, lockpicking sets…basically anything you could want that isn’t magical and doesn’t make someone die.
  • Temple – Because of the numerous races, the temple here isn’t dedicated to any one god in particular. Instead, the residents come here as they please to worship on their own time.


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